5 tips for a successful spring with Properstar

The spring selling season of 2024 looks a bit different than it has in the past and agents are facing new challenges in the market. There aren't enough listings, lead costs are going up and there are a lot of online competitors. But don't worry, as a Properstar affiliate we have solutions to tackle these obstacles! 



As we step into the spring of 2024, many real estate agents face a tough market.  With a repressed economy and a high level of buyer reluctance as a starting point to the year, there are also the more common concerns of agents across the country, like; there aren't enough houses for sale, getting new leads is getting expensive, and online rivals are everywhere. But there's good news! We are here to help. In this article we share five agent challenges with solutions to help you succeed in real estate sales. 


Challenge: I don’t have enough listings  

Solution:  Leverage Properstar's global reach and reputation 

The spring market often sees a surge in demand, but the supply of listings may not always keep pace. Be assured that once sellers enter the market, you will be ready to maximize your opportunities with our global network and top-of-search promotions that extend the reach of your current listings to beyond local boundaries. Leveraging Properstar's platform ensures your listings receive the visibility they need to attract potential buyers worldwide, boosting your chances of success.  

Are you a Properstar agent who has not logged into your dashboard account to access your reports, resources and promotions? 

Need help logging in? 

Your account has already been created.  Your professional email is preselected and associated to your account. To login for the first time, you only need to create a password. If you still need assistance, use the contact form below and submit your request for help. 

Another way to attract sellers to list their property with you is to tell your clients that you work with the largest property platform in the world and that you are serious about marketing their property. Impress your clients with your marketing strategy and share the results of their property exposure to millions of buyers and investors. You'll want your clients to know that you have increased their properties' online exposure, that you have set yourself apart from other real estate agents and you are a recognized expert. 


Challenge: My lead costs are high 

Solution: Properstar has inexpensive promotion options 

Managing lead acquisition costs while optimizing conversion rates is important for real estate professionals. We recognize this challenge and provide customized solutions tailored specifically for agents. With Properstar's array of cost-effective promotions designed to fit your budget, agents can enjoy outstanding returns on investment.  

Learn more about our promotions

We propose innovative solutions to ease, simplify, accelerate and secure your real estate projects whether it is with our tools, our expertise or our support service. Use the contact form below and submit your request for help purchasing promotions. 

By leveraging Properstar's affordable promotions, agents can effectively turn leads into profitable transactions, securing profitability in every deal. Promotions are month-to-month and transferrable to other listings.   


Challenge: I am not good at leveraging new technology 

Solution: We handle the marketing and tech advancements 

In an era driven by technology, failing to embrace its power can hinder an agent's success. With Properstar, agents can offload the burden of marketing and focus on what they do best—closing deals. We empower agents with the latest technology-driven solutions for unparalleled efficiency.  

If you have received an email about this article, Properstar likely already has an agreement to publish your listings in our basic placement. Opting in for Global reach is straightforward and can either be done from your dashboard or by contacting our sales team. 

If keeping up with technology overwhelms you, here are some ways that Properstar has you covered:  

Seamless integration of your listings: We are already connected with your favorite CRM’s and we are compatible with most feed formats. Publish your listings in a simple click and get an email notification when the listing is online.  

Your personal dashboard: Once your listings are published with us, you can manage your leads and sales through your personal dashboard. Our user-friendly interface and integrated systems make your work easier. 

Brand awareness: Increase your visibility and your online presence with our professional and aesthetic listing and account displays. An agent photo and office logo are on each listing card of the search results when buyers browse listings. Update your Agent profile and agency page on Properstar once - and you have connected with local buyers, while simultaneously reaching out to a massive international audience. Save time and sell more, we do the marketing and you do the sales. 


Challenge: Increased online competition 

Solution: Properstar is the world’s largest property platform 

We have been connecting sellers and buyers through a large network of qualified agents since 2018.  We stand as a global leader in online listing publishing. Collaborating with over 100 property portals in more than 60 countries, Properstar enables agencies and developers to reach an audience of over 150 million potential buyers and investors.   


Did you know this about the home search process? 

  • For 41% of recent buyers, the first step that they took in the home buying process was to look online at properties for sale, while 20% of buyers first contacted a real estate agent.  

  • Finding the right home was the most difficult task for buyers at 59%. 

  • All home buyers used the internet this year to search for a home. The most valuable content on websites were photos, detailed information about properties for sale, floor plans, and the real estate agent contact information. (National Association of Realtors 2023 Profile of home buyers & sellers report)

Properstar's intuitive dashboard provides agents with real-time insights and analytics, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve. By harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making, agents can refine their strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities, ensuring their continued success and presence in a dynamic market landscape. As online agents continue to gain traction, traditional agents must adapt to remain competitive. 


Challenge: Buyers are overwhelmed 

Solution: Properstar offers personalized assistance with AI 

In a market inundated with options, buyers often feel overwhelmed by the choice of online listings when they start their home search. Properstar's AI-powered home-search tool offers personalized assistance, guiding buyers through their property search journey with ease. By understanding buyer preferences and streamlining the search process, Properstar and its agents can deliver a tailored experience that instills confidence and fosters trust.  


This spring, tackle the challenges of the real estate market head-on with Properstar as your trusted partner. By implementing these five tips and harnessing the power of our innovative solutions, agents can navigate the complexities of the industry with confidence, achieving success in the process. 

Spring into spring with Properstar! 

By leveraging Properstar's global reach and promotional capabilities this spring, agents can overcome the hurdle of limited listings, while its cost-effective marketing solutions ensure a high return on investment amidst rising lead costs. By harnessing our technology and insightful analytics, agents can outpace online competitors and offer personalized assistance to overwhelmed buyers. With Properstar as your ally, you are equipped to navigate these challenges successfully. 

More About Properstar 

As your clients embark on the quest for their perfect property, let Properstar go beyond unique preferences, providing tailored listings that align with their aspirations. This revolutionary approach ensures that property searches are not just efficient but extraordinary. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the future of real estate searches and try Properstar's AI-driven platform  today to witness the difference firsthand!   We offer customized solutions tailored for real estate professionals. ListGlobally, a service from Properstar, is the world leader in international portal syndication. Get more visibility from seamless publication on leading property portals in key markets. 

Join the home-buying evolution and contact us today 


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