How Properstar's AI feature helps real estate agents

Agent and buyers alike will now experience the benefits of cutting-edge market advancements, through Properstar's AI technology. Our commitment to innovation is highlighted through our newest feature - the integration of AI technology in property searches! Let’s talk about how this will empower agents and attract buyers.

Added value for agents 

Boosting buyer engagement 

By enriching the browsing experience for buyers, the Properstar platform now attracts more buyers, increasing the potential for you to receive higher lead volume. 

Accelerated lead conversion 

An enriched browsing experience will empower buyers to find properties that align with their needs faster. Offering search result options that precisely meet buyer criteria early on in their search process through artificial intelligence - increases the likelihood of quicker lead conversion and satisfied customers. 


Let’s review Properstar AI from the buyer’s perspective and learn more about what you can do to support the process. Yes – you will be involved! 


How Properstar AI brings value to clients 

Popular filters (1)1. Automated selection of top features 

While making a search on a specific area, the 5 most popular amenities are added as shortcut filter options. These filters are extracted by AI based on the most popular features for that location. This approach allows consumers to swiftly find listings with the most sought-after features; such as a pool, city view, sea view, garden, garage, and more. 

Wishes and must haves - AI amenities - mobile2. Dynamic search options 

The search experience is also enhanced with three dynamic options for buyers to use: 

  • Default results, which includes nearby results 

  • If fewer than (200) listings, the search area radius is increased to widen the options

  • Drawing on the map to set a specific area or selecting "Exact Location" 

We talk more about how the search options have been updated in our last article

AI extraction illustration3. Extraction from property descriptions 

Properstar's AI goes beyond traditional search limitations. While most data feeds lack preset fields for amenities, proximity, views, etc., Properstar utilizes AI to parse text information in the listing. This extraction process uncovers details that are typically buried in the "Property Description" text.  

Check out the video

AI-amenities-in-dashboardAgent involvement 

Validation of AI-generated features 

An email is sent to agents, requiring them to confirm the existence of the extracted features within their listing. A purple-colored highlight indicates that the extracted features parsed by AI are awaiting confirmation from the listing agent, while black colored text signifies that an agent has, indeed, confirmed the extracted features.  

The AI extracted property features are subject to validation by the listing agent. Your involvement will improve your performance. 

Agent acceptance and response

Acknowledging that agents are busy people and may not respond promptly to queries about extracted features, Properstar has already started to engage with agents. We have seen a positive response rate from agents who are asked to validate AI generated features! Approximately 40% of agents respond to confirmation email notices, and weekly, hundreds of agents are embracing the AI-generated enhancements. Impressively, 96% of the AI extraction results are correct and approved by the listing agents. 

Be a part of the home-buying evolution

Properstar's AI-driven advancements aren't just about technological innovation; they're about empowering real estate agents with tools that enhance lead quality, responsiveness, and overall success in today’s real estate market. Join the revolution and benefit from leading edge market advancements with Properstar's AI technology.

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