Interview with a luxury Properstar agent in Portugal

Step into the world of luxury real estate with Ana M., an esteemed agent working in a renowned agency in Lisbon. With a primary focus on selling high-end properties, Ana M. and her team strive to deliver exceptional service and complete transparency to their esteemed clientele. Today Ana will tell us about her experience working with Properstar. 


Partnering with Properstar: Ana's success story 

In 2021, Ana M. embarked on a remarkable journey by joining ListGlobally, which later rebranded as Properstar. Initially apprehensive about the transition, Ana M. was relieved to find that the service continued to uphold the same quality she was accustomed to with ListGlobally. As her agency ventured into the global market, Ana M. opted for a tailored subscription plan, skilfully curated by Sara B., a dedicated team member in Portugal. 

Features and services that empower real estate professionals 

Seeking effective solutions primarily for the international luxury market, Ana M. discovered a world of opportunities through Properstar. Recognizing the strength and reach of the brand, Ana M. eagerly subscribed to the platform. By showcasing their luxury properties on exclusive portals designed for discerning buyers, Ana's listings reached audiences with the necessary purchasing power for such exquisite properties. The ability to feature properties on international luxury portals remains one of the most significant benefits for Ana M., helping her expand her reach and attract qualified leads. 


“A significant benefit for agents is featuring their listings to an appropriate audience of buyers.” 


Ana M. commends the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the Properstar platform. Familiar with its functionalities, she regularly utilizes two key features: property reports for sharing with property owners and individual property statistics, which she consults weekly. While her agency's unique marketing approach renders the Marketing Kit less applicable, Ana M. acknowledges its value for agents who lack their own marketing materials and who may need to rely on the kit to promote their work effectively.  

Going above and beyond with Properstar Support and Sales 

Properstar's  exceptional customer support has impressed Ana M. from the beginning. She has always received prompt responses and found the service to be of consistently high quality. Since partnering with Properstar, Ana M. has appreciated the dedicated professionals and personalized service they provide.  

Thank you, Ana M., for generously sharing your invaluable experience with Properstar! Your insights and success story serve as an inspiration to real estate professionals everywhere. Cheers to your continued achievements and the bright future ahead!  

How Properstar can help real estate professionals 

Properstar opens a world of opportunities for real estate professionals seeking to expand their reach beyond borders. With its extensive network and exclusive partnerships, Properstar empowers agents to showcase their properties to discerning buyers worldwide. From tailored subscription plans to intuitive features and exceptional customer support, Properstar provides the necessary tools and resources to elevate real estate careers. 

“Step into the world of Properstar and unlock the potential of a higher reach.” 


Whether you're an agent looking to tap into international markets or a luxury property owner seeking qualified buyers, Properstar offers a comprehensive platform that caters to your specific needs. Step into the world of Properstar and unlock the potential of a higher reach. 

More about Properstar    

Properstar is the largest global property platform in the world and has been connecting sellers and buyers through a large network of qualified agents since 2018.

We propose innovative solutions to ease, simplify, accelerate and secure the real estate projects of our clients, whether it is with our tools, our expertise or our support service.

We stand as a global leader in online listing publishing. Collaborating with over 100 property portals in more than 60 countries, Properstar enables agencies and developers to reach an audience of over 200 million potential buyers and investors. 



The testimonial and statements in this article are based on the experiences of Ana M., a real estate agent, and may not represent your results. Properstar's effectiveness and success may vary depending on individual circumstances and market conditions. 

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