Location price feature on Properstar portals

Properstar is pleased to announce another helpful tool that brings added value to buyers, sellers and agents by providing them with more information about comparative property prices in a given location - the location price feature!

More features mean more sales 

With Properstar’s new House Price Index feature, agents and buyers can now access and analyze the price of property listings over time, by type of property and even by the rooms of the listed property. This feature provides important information to buyers, sellers and agents as it gives them a contextual view of prices in a specific location.


We are leveraging the information we have from our Properstar listing portals to provide agents with more qualified leads. 


For example, if an agent is evaluating a new property listing, they can refer to the data provided for other listings in that area. Do you wonder if prices are going down in Lyon, France?  Now, agents  can easily find the answer.

Location price for top North American cities

Here are some interesting trends about home prices in top cities in United States, that give agents insight about price trends, using the location price feature. (September, 2022)

  • Miami, Florida:  Homes in Miami have increased in price about 4%, compared to last month while apartment prices have increased by 1%. The median price for a 4 bedroom home is $1,146,083.

  • Los Angeles, California: Home prices us LA have decreased by 2% compared to last month, and apartment have decreased by 1%. The median priced for a 4 bedroom home in LA is $1,819,013.

  • New York City, New York: Home prices have decreased by 2%, compared to last month, while apartment prices have increased by 1%. Median price of homes in New York is $1,1180,627.

  • Honalulu, Hawaii: Compared to last month homes and apartment have both decreased in price, with homes down by 1% and apartments down by 5%. The median price for a 4 bedroom home on the island is $4,011,597.

Visit Properstar and try if for yourself to find out more about prices in a location of your choice! 

How the location price feature works: 

On Properstar home page, in the first menu, you can now choose ‘House Price’ as an option when searching a location.  

EN Menu - stitched

From here, useful information is displayed about location prices, like changes in housing prices over time (3, 6 or 12 months) and prices for different types of listings, either apartment or houses.  

USA Housing Prices image

Buyers, sellers, renters and agents will gain more insight about particular locations with this easy to read chart that allows them to learn more context regarding location prices. Currencies are displayed based on location of the search.  

USA Chart House price index

And finally, Properstar displays the latest listings for the chosen location for buyers to peruse. They are on their way to choosing their next dream home! Properstar provides the insights needed before your clients start buying or selling a real estate property. 

More about Properstar 

Properstar portals, affiliate of ListGlobally SA, offer you all the marketing tools you need to attract buyers. Properstar gives you access to two real estate portal networks that increase the distribution of your listings to an audience of potential buyers that are best suited for your property listings. 

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