New feature: Marketing resources to help you succeed

Your brand new Properstar marketing kit is personalized with your photo and logo.

Properstar has just launched a new tool, the Marketing Kit is available through the Resources tab in your Properstar dashboard. Our goal with the new Marketing Kit is to help you win more listings and make more sales by providing you with a tool that helps you better explain your global marketing strategy to your clients.

Marketing resources for agents and offices

On your Properstar dashboard, you will notice a tab called 'Resources'. Here, you will find new personalized brochures AND reports that will inform and attract property owners.

From this location, you can access helpful resources for several purposes – either for international Global Agent communications or for your targeted luxury listings audience.


Global Agent marketing kit

Sharing your international visibility as a Global Agent or Office manager is a great asset for buyers and sellers, you can add this brochure to your dossier or send it by email to your clients.


Luxury marketing kit

The Luxury package contains a special flyer highlighting all the Luxury Portals where your most exquisite properties are published. This is a useful tool for showcasing your listing reach to the owner of the property.


We’ve got you covered with customized resources


Properstar product brochures are easy to share on-the-go, using your Properstar dashboard. The brochure features are customized for your personal needs:

To help you communicate with your buyers or sellers, all these documents are available for download in 7 languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Turkish.


Share report


As a Global Agent, another great feature available in your Properstar account is the Send Report feature. When your listings are live, you can delight your property sellers with this report, showing them how their listings are appearing across 100+ international portals.

Global Agent Share Report

Develop your personal brand


This means that through all of your combined sales and marketing activities, your clients will have a sense of what your goals are, what your skills are, how you are different from other agents and they will have some idea of your general personality or style. Resonate with your clients by having a strong personal brand. Building a brand around your personality is an excellent way to attract interest from buyers and sellers.

Our network allows you to choose your unique path to success on our extensive, established, and professional network of portals and support services. Learning how to handle the new normal can provide you that extra edge that will be noticed by buyers and sellers in the market – all over the world.

Log in to Properstar and start maximizing your opportunities!


Resource files that allow you to build your own brand


Agents need to have a distinctive voice and approach to stand out from the competition. That’s why we have developed marketing resources that provide a polished supplement to your existing personal brand.


Be in the scene – get international


Two of the most significant benefits of being a real estate agent are having flexible hours and writing your own paycheck. Belong to a network that supports you on the path to a profitable and productive career. Join the Properstar network and reap the benefits.

The resources tab is your gateway to an increased online presence.


When your buyer and seller leads are ready to take action, they will remember agents who were engaging, knowledgeable, and available to them online. They will remember YOU.


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