New! Performance tab for agents

We are happy to announce another new feature on your Properstar agent dashboard!  The new Performance tab allows you to closely monitor the performance of your listings. Access, review, connect & more by accessing your personalized Properstar dashboard, where we give you the tools to succeed in today’s real estate market.

Real estate agents are keen to keep their lead costs down while maximizing their listing reach. This strategy is important for both their own bottom line and winning the trust of their clients. Finding that balance is now easier with our upgraded listing performance feature. 

The struggle is real 

As a real estate professional, you know that tracking your monthly sales and lead activity, monitoring your listing productivity and investing in effective marketing tactics are all paramount to success in today’s market. At Properstar, we aim to provide innovative solutions that will simplify and accelerate the real estate sales of our clients, and we invite you to explore this new performance feature from your agent dashboard 

Monitor listing performance with ease 

Here is what the Performance updates mean for you: 

  • Closely monitor lead activity for each listing from Properstar portals 

  • You can easily explain to your clients, how their listing is performing  

  • Charts and data are easy to read and understand  

  • Your dashboard experience is improved 

To access the Performance tab, just enter the property you want to analyze, and click on the respective tab. Listing performance is shown from the date it was first published on our network, showing you the complete history of lead activity and user clicks for that property. If you were to purchase a promotion for that listing, you can monitor its effectiveness. This performance history informs you better and allows you to easily asses and manage your listings and promotions - which are transferrable, don’t forget! 

More about Properstar   

Properstar is a real estate platform that connects sellers and buyers through an extensive network of qualified agents since 2018.

We offer innovative solutions to facilitate, simplify, accelerate and secure your clients' real estate projects, whether with our tools, our expertise or our support service. We operate in 4 markets (France, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain) in Europe and the United States.

Properstar's parent company, ListGlobally (2012), is a global leader in publishing online listings and works with over 100 property portals in over 60 countries, enabling agencies and developers to reach an audience of over 200 million potential buyers and investors.

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