New release! Property price changes on Properstar  

The price of a listing is often the first characteristic that buyers use in their online searches, and it is one of the most scrutinized aspects in online real estate listings. We have designed a property price change feature with this in mind. This new feature will help your clients buy their dream property at the best price, but also help you to build trust with them by being transparent about the evolution of home prices. 

Follow real-time price changes on Properstar

As professionals, we are accustomed to changes in the real estate market, but in today’s economy, the savvy online client is keen to maximize their selling or buying position by keeping informed about the price of real estate. The Properstar price change feature provides transparency for clients, which is an  important element to encourage their engagement and loyalty.  

Our experience shows that listings with price change updates receive twice the number of leads and conversions to sales, than those that do not. Agents, this feature will attract more buying and selling clients to our portal, so make sure you can be found there!

It is also important to mention that a price change notification creates a boost for the listing – as the listing is highlighted at the top of search results when a price change is detected, and subsequent email notices go to the clients that have that listing in their saved searches.  This feature allows agents to receive more visibility, more client engagement and more leads for their properties. Read more on the details below.  

An accurate listing price is key to a quick transaction. Tracking changes in home prices, allows buyers and sellers to follow the evolution of the price of listings - in real time. 

This new Properstar feature: 

  • Analyzes the data of the properties listed on our site,

  • detects all upward or downward price variations,

  • reports this activity to clients who have registered for email notifications

  • and reports this activity directly on new searches.  

    EN_Price Drop_Blog

Informative, trustworthy and transparent 

The Properstar price change feature means that we notify buyers when a property price change occurs in their saved searches. So, clients no longer need to keep going back to their favorite listings to check prices; the price change is sent to them. Clients save time in their research, but they also gain in their responsiveness to the price drop of their favorite property. 

When a property experiences a price change, we display the old price and the new price next to each other, directly on the listing. We communicate the prices with complete transparency, and it is a real asset for you to show your clients (and future ones!) that this new informative, trustworthy, and transparent feature will make house-hunting easier and more convenient. 

With this new feature, Properstar gives you and your clients even more tools to find their ideal property. 

More about Properstar  

Properstar portals, affiliate of ListGlobally SA, offer you all the marketing tools you need to attract buyers and to close deals. Properstar gives you access to two real estate portal networks that increase the distribution of your listings to an audience of potential buyers that are best suited for your property listings, associated with unique and efficient features that will help you and your clients conclude successful deals together. 

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