Transferable listing promotions

As a Global Agent with Properstar, we are now offering you a feature that maximizes your listing promotions. We are pleased to tell you more about another exciting feature; the use of transferable listing promotions.

More Flexibility


The updated promotional feature still allows for our agent clients to purchase a monthly listing promotion and apply it to whichever listing they want. The added value of the new transferable feature is that it now allows for the agent to rotate another listing into that promotion if the first one has become disabled, or if the agent just prefers to use it on another listing.


Rotate listings into each paid promotion at your discretion


For example, if a Luxury promotion is purchased on the first of the month and the original assigned listing is sold after 2 weeks, the agent can then select another listing to take its place. Furthermore, the agent can rotate one listing after another into this paid promotional slot, in succession!  This empowers agents to professionally manage their listings at their discretion according to their business needs.

Listing promotion_23


Managing your listing promotions


When you log in to your Properstar dashboard, you have more ease and options for selecting your promotions.

If an agent would like to change on which listing a promotion applies, the steps are simple:

- Access your listings in your Properstar account.
- Click on “Listings” in the top menu.
- Select “Promote” under the listing that currently has the promotion applied to it.
- Select the red “Downgrade” button to free up the promotional space.
- Once the original listing is downgraded, you can then go back to your “Listings” page and select “Promote” under the next listing that you would like to promote instead.
- Upgrade this listing to the appropriate promotion (Elite or Luxury) and the currently available credit that you have will be applied to the next listing.


Customizing your experience for international exposure


We continue to listen to our agents and provide services that make selling easier.  Properstar is working hard to support you on your path to success through our extensive, established, and professional network of portals and services. We give our agents that extra edge that will be noticed by buyers and sellers in the market – all over the world.


Join the Properstar network and increase your impact on the international market.  If you need assistance upgrading, downgrading, or canceling a promotion, please contact us


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