Luxury buyers Report in the U.S.

July 2021 This six-month review will look at the Properstar luxury leads activity for international property from...

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A Concierge Service that connects buyers to real estate agents

Imagine you are a Chinese buyer searching for a superb residence in Florida. Of course, you can search for your...

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Foreign buyer survey results

How foreign buyers search for international real estate

The habits and preferences of foreign real estate...

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New ListGlobally leading and luxury portals

ListGlobally continues to curate the best selection of portals for its luxury clients. As the network continues to...

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Properstar feature announcement – Drawing on Maps

We’re happy to announce a new search feature available on Properstar. Now people searching for a property can select...

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Luxury listings booming on Properstar portals

Luxury real estate activity flourishes

With the pandemic, the sale of luxury properties has been rising all around...

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